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Reverend Dr. Daphyne K. Brown, Founder

Dr. Daphyne K. Brown is a woman of God called to promote spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness. 

Dr. Brown is the founder of the Center of Healing and Wholeness (COHAW) - a ministry that is inclusive of mind, body and spirit. Pastoral Care and Counseling or "caring for the soul through spiritual healing" is the focus of Dr. Brown's ministry. It allows ones spirit and physical reality to align with fundamental Christian self-beliefs and self-convictions. This is the holistic approach to coping with everyday life stresses, coupled with unplanned trauma and events. 

Dr. Daphyne K. Brown, 

Sister Carole Hayes, President

Sister Carole Hayes is a woman of God dedicated in using her spiritual gifts of administration and leadership. She is the President of Center of Healing and Wholeness. (COHAW) Sis. Carole along with the Founder, Dr. Daphyne Brown, works with the Visionaries of COHAW to promote a holistic ministry focusing on the Mind, Body and Spirit.  

In preparation for the Restoration II conference in 2011, God gave Sis. Carole a vision to pray for the conference on a morning prayer line for thirty days. 

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Carole Hayes,

Dr. Brown is the youngest daughter of Rev. and Drs. Otis F. and the late Johnnie M. Brown. Her mother, an internationally renowned evangelist, along with her father pastored for more than 50 years within the Church of God. 

Rev. Dr. Brown has a wealth of experience in working on staff at Bethany and Allen Temple Baptist Churches. She is currently associate pastor at Landmark Restoration Christian Fellowship in Oakland and assisting at Mosswood Church of God in Stockton, CA., Her ministerial call includes providing seminars, workshops and revivals.

In equipping Reverend Brown for her calling, the Lord has given her life lessons, better enabling her to understand and relate to those whom He has called her to serve through COHAW. Dr. Brown is a spiritual guide and a pastoral counselor. Professionally, she's held a number of positions across the country and is President and CEO of a business in Stockton, CA.

Dr. Brown has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of San Francisco, a Masters of Divinity degree from American Baptist Seminary of the West and a Doctor of Ministry degree with an emphasis in Pastoral care and Counseling from San Francisco Theological Seminary. 

As of today, the prayer line continues each weekday morning with a powerful Word brought by COHAW members and guest speakers from all over the United States.
A servant of The Lord, Sis. Carole has a passion for His people. In 2017, she began a project called “Help Us Help Others”, where she and others serve the homeless community with food, clothing, and basic need supplies.   

Carole has earned an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, from Merritt College, Oakland, California. She is also a graduate of the Emerging Leaders Program from The Leadership Institute Allen Temple, where she is currently continuing her studies in Christian Education. 

Carole’s work experience in the judicial system spans over twenty years. She is currently a Division Chief for the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda. 

Carole also has a passion for photography; she is the owner of Angelic Photos. 

An important aspect of Carole’s life is family; she is the proud mother of a son and daughter-in-law, three granddaughters, and one great grandson.

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