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Restoration VIII - October 7, 2023

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Soul Care


What is Soul Care?

Soul Care is a spiritual shower and release of everyday stress and stressors. It is a time to step off the merry-go-round of life and care for yourself. It is a time of sharing, loving and daring to dream. Soul Care is a time of solidarity where God's Spirit speaks to us individually and communally. 

We invite you to join us for prayer at 6:45 am Monday through Friday. Please dial (425) 436-6260 and enter the access code 2011322. (Please  note this is not a toll free number and long distance rates may apply).

Coming soon: COHAW Soul Care meetings dates and times.
For location and directions please call  
COHAW at    510-338-3364 or email at 

Who We Are

Center of Healing and Wholeness (COHAW) is a faith based non-profit organization focused on the needs of the whole person; mind, body and spirit. The visionary ministries within COHAW include prayer, pastoral care and counseling, evangelism, Christian and community resources, production, and philanthropy. 

We organized in 2007 and began working in the community to build healthy relationships, high self-esteem, providing mental and spiritual care through pastoral care and counseling. We are deeply concerned about our entire community and want to promote healing by addressing daily stressors that tear at the seams and divides our community. We believe a focus on the mental, physical and spiritual health of the community will aid in building community wholeness.
Center of Healing and Wholeness was birthed out of the need to provide a safe environment where individuals and groups could experience healing from deep psychological wounds through their fundamental spiritual beliefs. COHAW was also birthed from a need and desire to offer encouragement and support for the development of God’s given gifts as an aid in reaching one’s full potential in Christ. COHAW is interested in addressing women’s daily needs and concerns and providing help with finding their voice. As a group of women open to all nationalities, denominations, together we experience God's healing power. 
Our goal is to provide a safe and Christian environment where one's voice is heard, concerns are shared, burdens are lifted, and wholeness is experienced individually and communally through holistic healing. We accomplish this through offering various community services as well as bi-monthly Soul Care meetings.

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as in renewed by the Holy Spirit. A mind that functions in the earthly and spiritual realms. A mind that is founded on “all things are possible through them that believe.” A mind that recognizes and uses faith in God to remove all earthly boundaries and to walk on earth through the spirit of God.


recognizes that our bodies are the temple of God. We treat our bodies with respect understanding that they are flesh made from the earth and are the shells of our souls. The importance of the body is to sustain the soul and spirit long enough for the spirit to fulfill its purpose here on earth. Understanding the flesh to have biological and physiological urges and needs that may or may not be in alignment with the spirits purpose.


as in the eternal light that God has placed in each one of us that carries the heavy weight of choice. The innermost being that naturally desires to be free and soar and bring light where there is darkness and freedom where there is captivity. Spirit which connects, and blends with Gods Spirit so that it remains on a path of love and purpose.

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